We accept all credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners. We do not accept prepaid or electronic cards and travel cards.

Our vehicle delivery service should be contracted at least 48 hours before picking up the vehicle. The service is charged according to the valid price list of additional services.

Unfortunately, a cash deposit is not possible.

  • Loss or theft of luggage and / or personal belongings in the vehicle
  • Fines for traffic violations, improper stopping and parking, as well as the cost of parking tickets
  • Costs incurred due to incorrectly refueled fuel
  • Costs for lost, stolen or damaged vehicle key
  • Costs for lost, stolen or damaged vehicle documents
  • Costs of damage caused by negligence – empty battery
  • Costs of damage to the interior of the vehicle
  • Costs of loss of equipment (spare wheel, tire repair kit and related tools, luggage rack / shelves and cases with vehicle documentation and user instructions)
  • Costs of damage to accessories
  • Costs incurred due to vehicle misuse
  • Costs incurred due to non-compliance with the conditions for vehicle maintenance specified in the enclosed service book
  • Costs of damage to the vehicle incurred under the influence of alcohol or opiates
  • Costs of removing vehicles from inaccessible areas (eg removing vehicles from mud in case of non-use of first-class roads)
  • Costs incurred by driving on unpaved roads
  • Costs incurred in running races or participating in sporting events
  • Costs incurred due to overloading the vehicle with people or cargo
  • Costs for damages caused by a person who is not listed in the lease as the main or additional driver
  • Costs incurred in cases where the driver or additional driver specified in the rental agreement does not have a valid driver’s license or is prohibited from driving a motor vehicle

OTHER: damage to wipers and locks on the vehicle, theft or loss of external parts of the vehicle without delivery of police records, costs of damage caused by using roof racks or luggage on racks, damage caused by loading or unloading cargo or luggage and dumping cargo or luggage on the roof, bonnet or similarly, as well as the costs caused by ignoring the audible and visual notifications of the vehicle.

You are not obliged to take our coverage for harmful events, but in the event of a harmful event, you will be charged for the amount of damage incurred in accordance with the redefined costs in the document “Damage Matrix”.

If you still have insurance through another company, through your credit card or the agency where you booked the vehicle, the participation in the damage applies depending on the category of vehicle, as it is not a direct coverage. When returning the vehicle, we will give you copies of the documentation of the harmful event (breathalyzer test, European report and police report if we have it at that time).

Additional coverage reduces your own share in the damage. It can be reduced to a smaller share in the damage or without a share in the damage. The amount of coverage depends on the selected package and the number of rental days. The prices of additional coverage packages can be checked when making a reservation.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is a reduction of liability for damage with participation in the damage caused, which depends on the category of the rented vehicle.
TP (Teft Protection) is the redemption of liability in the event of vehicle theft.
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) is a cover for the entire redemption of liability for participation in damage to the vehicle body.
CDW + (Collision Damage Waiver Plus) is a cover for the redemption of liability for participation in damage to the body of the vehicle to a reduced amount.
WUG (Wheels Undercarriage and Glass protection) is the entire coverage for the purchase of liability for participation in damage to the chassis, windows and wheels of vehicles.

When picking up, the vehicle should be full and also returned. If the vehicle is not returned in full, the cost of the fuel difference will be charged to the user according to the current price list, with a fee for the refueling service.

If the vehicle is not picked up with a full tank, the cost of the fuel difference will be charged at no additional charge for the refueling service. Be sure to check the fuel level when picking up the vehicle.

Yes, and in that case you are not obliged to refuel on return. The price of this service depends on the market price of fuel and the size of the vehicle tank.

Yes, the vehicle can be picked up at one and returned at another branch.

Yes, the additional driver can be any adult with a valid driver’s license. An additional driver is charged an additional fee, and the price can be checked on the list of additional services.

All our users have the freedom to move with a rented vehicle within the Republic of Croatia, but also in other countries. In case of using the vehicle outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia, an additional fee is charged.

There are no mileage restrictions in our regular offer. In the case of special promotional activities, a mileage limit is always indicated.

Yes, but in case of pick-up and return of vehicles outside the opening hours of the branch, an additional fee will be charged at the time of booking.

The deposit is refunded at the end of the rental when the rental costs are collected from it, and the difference should be released automatically. The time to return the deposit or the difference in the deposit to your account can last from 15 to 40 days and depends on the card company (bank) that issued the credit card and its protocol.