Drop off

We advise you to pay the rent with your credit card, which was used when booking the funds during the collection. Also, the rent can be paid with another credit, debit or electronic card and cash in HRK (HRK).

If you have adequate coverage for the type of damage you have caused to the vehicle and the necessary documentation on the occurrence of the harmful event, you will not have to pay the damage.

In the event that the damage you caused to the vehicle is not covered by any additional coverage, it will be charged in accordance with pre-defined rates and category of rented vehicle, from deposits of funds reserved on your credit card when picking up the vehicle, up to the maximum the amount of the deductible. In addition, an administrative fee is charged for processing the harmful event according to the valid price list. Payment is made upon return of the rental vehicle. The client is obliged to present all documents handed to him by the police or another person (police report, breathalyzer report, completed European accident report) and fill in the accident statement at the vehicle return office.

RENT DRIVE reserves the right to collect the full amount of the damage if the client acted contrary to the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia or did not follow the prescribed procedures for reporting a harmful event.

If there is a need for an additional charge after the rental, you will be notified by email.

Some of the possible reasons for postpay:

Penalties issued for improper parking during vehicle rental
Misdemeanor fines issued during vehicle rental
Damage to the vehicle or return of the vehicle with less fuel than when taking over, detected after the return of the vehicle via the key box
Damage discovered after complete washing of the vehicle, if it was not visible due to extremely dirty vehicle during the return.

The refund period for your account can take from 15 days to 4 weeks, depending on your credit card and bank. RENT DRIVE does not have access to authorized funds and cannot use them without your permission.

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