Long-term Car Rental

RENT DRIVE Ltd. offers a long-term car rental service for all legal and natural persons for an agreed period of time. Long-term lease facilitates business and day-to-day commitments with significant financial savings.

If you are a natural person, long-term rental will solve the issue of a safe and quality vehicle for travel, winter, summer, etc. Long-term rental saves both time and money.

You no longer have to worry about:
– insurance
– costs of registration and technical inspection
– vehicle maintenance and tire replacement
– if you are a company, showing depreciation in the business books

We take complete care of the vehicle, you just need to refuel and enjoy the ride. Rent and drive!

Feel free to contact us for all inquiries and informations, we’re sure that we will find the best option for you!

Long term rental pays off!

What are the differences between a classic leasing and a long-term rental? We have singled out the basic differences, and what pays off more – you decide for yourself.


Vehicle Financing (Leasing Instalments/payment) + +
Mandatory insurance + +
All-risk insurance +
Registration and technical inspection costs +
Taxes on road motor vehicles +
Regular and extraordinary maintenance of the vehicle +
Assistance and roadside assistance +
Replacement vehicle in case of failure or damage +
Vehicle “Door to Door” service +
Seasonal replacement and storage of tires +
Possibility of early vehicle return at no extra cost +
Financial participation of users in leasing contracting +

Services included

You focus on your business. We ‘ll take care of your vehicles! 

Regular vehicle maintenance is completely our concern, whether it is a long-term or short-term rental.

Regardless of the rental type, we take care of vehicle registration and technical inspection.

Conditions and vehicle insurance are formed upon your wishes, needs and possibilities.

A replacement vehicle is always insured, whether for regular maintenance, registration or repair.

Your safety comes first! We will inform you in time and agree on the dates of tire replacement in accordance with your obligations. In any case, Rent Drive takes full care of seasonal tire replacement, storage and costs.

We make sure that all vehicles are always in excellent condition. We arrange the date of vehicle inspection or possible repairs in accordance with your obligations. This is our standard service, regardless of the insurance package chosen.

Your monthly annuities are always the same! Vehicle rental for the agreed period includes: vehicle costs, regular maintenance, vehicle insurance, vehicle inspection, seasonal tire change, road motor vehicle tax, registration and extension of technical inspection costs, and replacement vehicle replacement in situations where necessary.

Regulations and regulations are our concern! Of course, in case of any questions or concerns, our sales representatives are always available.

The average age of our fleet is 6 months, which guarantees safety and mobile guarantee in Croatia and the European Union. In case of mechanical failure or other unforeseen situations, we provide a replacement vehicle.

Vehicles of your own choice?

With a long-term rental for a minimum of 2 years, RENT DRIVE will provide the vehicles of your choice for your business!